Fruited Sour Ale with Dark Cherries, Blackcurrant and Vanilla


Tart. Dark. Berry.
4.5% alc./vol.
473mL CAN
* No limit

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Fruited Sour Ale with Dark Cherries, Blackcurrant and Vanilla

This batch is packed full of dark cherries, blackcurrant, and vanilla. We decided to brew with a blend of darker coloured fruits to embrace the coming days of less sunlight and to welcome those warm, cozy moments that accompany it!
This is the 3rd release in our Fruited Sour Ale Series – a series that explores kettle sours ales brewed with unique blends of fresh fruits and some batches include a touch of vanilla. Experience a subtle tartness and vibrant, juicy aromas and flavours ranging from tropical fruits to citrus fruits to stone fruits.